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San Diego International Airport is located three miles northwest of downtown San Diego, situated on 614 acres with one runway, three terminals and 45 gates.

It is operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, which was established by state law and is governed by an appointed Board representing all areas of the county.

San Diego International Airport served some 18.1 million passengers in 2008 and generates some $10 billion in annual economic impact for the region. Over 50,000 people move through the airport’s facilities daily.

Brief History

San Diego International Airport opened August 16, 1928, on Pacific Highway. The East Terminal (Terminal 1) opened March 5, 1967, and the West Terminal (Terminal 2) opened July 11, 1979. Terminal 2 was expanded in 1998 and added approximately 300,000 square feet and eight new gates.

The Commuter Terminal opened July 24, 1996. It is a full-service facility with four gates used by six commuter airlines to handle 50,000 passengers each month.

Charles A. Lindbergh

On May 10, 1927, Charles A. Lindbergh and his “Spirit of St. Louis” took off from Dutch Flat (currently the Midway Post Office site) bound for St. Louis, New York and Paris, France. Thirty-three and one-half hours and 3,500 miles after departing New York — using only a magnetic compass, an airspeed indicator and luck for navigation — Lindbergh flew into Paris and aviation history.

The success of Charles Lindbergh’s solo nonstop trans-Atlantic flight May 20-21, 1927, electrified the world and sparked a tremendous surge of public interest in aviation nationally, abroad and especially in San Diego. That interest led to the passage of a bond issue in 1928 for the construction of a municipal airport in San Diego.

Lindbergh supported the endeavor an agreed in a rare instance to lend his name to the new airport. The result was Lindbergh Field, today known as San Diego International Airport.